Welcome to the Wilbrahams’ Warbler

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2012 is a special year for the Warbler. We’re giving you many more opportunities to broadcast your news and take part in discussions about our community.

As a start, welcome to the new web site. Almost every page on this site has a “comment” box at the bottom of the page. Please make use of it – comment on the pages you like, or comment to post your views of the topics.

In particular, you might like to start by commenting on the events (coming up) page to include your own events happening in and around the Wilbrahams, of if you’ve just been to an event and want to give your thanks or suggestions to the organisers visit the Past Events pages. Also visit our Talking Points page where you’ll find the current village hot topics.

Please be civil

We’ve provided this functionality to get people around the Wilbrahams talking, not to encourage blazing rows. Provide reasonable comments with sound arguments. No amount of personal insult will be tolerated in the posts, and all posts are moderated. Opinions are ok, but please remember that everyone is entitled to one, even if it differs from your own. We may put a stop to arguing the same point over and over if it’s clear that no new ground is being covered, or that both opinions are valid.

Most of all, get talking!